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BX Exchange: Cryptocurrency Exchange in Thailand


BX Exchange is one of many emerging exchanges for cryptocurrency in Thailand, displaying a range of features that make it attractive for those wishing to trade cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in Thailand. The platform is one of the most innovative and intuitive cryptocurrency exchanges in Thailand, and here we highlight some of the best features of BX Thailand.

BX Exchange is operated by Bitcoin Co. Ltd, a registered Thai company that also operates the websites CoinPay.in.th and Bitcoin.co.th. The operation of these two additional websites gives the company a sense of transparency and trustworthiness, encouraging more and more customers to get involved with their digital currency.

The BX Thailand Bitcoin exchange was started in 2013 and allows both crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat currency exchanges, giving it untold versatility for a number of markets.



Being one of the biggest platforms for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin in Thailand, BX Thailand currently uses the Thai Baht as it’s form of fiat currency. This is designed to appeal to Thai users and foreigners living in Thailand. Having said that, the platform also trades popular cryptocurrencies such as ETH, BTC, FTC, DOGE, DAS, LTC, HYP, and many more. The fact that users can trade with their local Thai Baht can make the platform very appealing to certain kinds of local traders.


Withdrawals & Deposits:

BX Exchange allows you to withdraw and deposit fiat currency (THB) via bank transfer can be very convenient and useful, although it should be noted that bank transfers can take several hours to be completed and may involve fees too. BX Thailand only charges deposit fees for very small deposits, making it apt for large transactions of cryptocurrency in Thailand. When it comes to trading fees, BX Thailand applies a flat rate of 0.25% that is common in the industry.

Withdrawals come with some fees, however, though these are competitive in nature when compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges in Thailand. Withdrawing Bitcoin, for example, incurs a 0.0005 Bitcoin charge, currently comparable to around 5 USD. However, clients who trade at least 5BTC per month using the platform will not be charged for crypto withdrawals. This makes the exchange tempting for those trading large amounts of bitcoin in Thailand.



BX Thailand features numerous components that make the site attractive in terms of security and convenience. For example, the exchange facilitates Two-Factor authentication, exponentially increasing cybersecurity. Furthermore, the exchange also offers a wallet to users, enhancing their convenience and ease of trading.


User Experience:

The layout of the site is intuitive and insightful, prominently displaying exchange rates and trading charts on their front page. In addition to this transparency and convenience, the site also makes its fee structure very clear. The fees that BX Exchange charge are very clearly presented before being charged, enabling a positive business experience for all parties.



All in all, BX Exchange Thailand is one of the best emerging cryptocurrency exchanges in Thailand, and is definitely worth checking out, particularly if you’re a local who is interesting in trading Bitcoin in Thailand, as well as any other popular cryptocurrency.